Friday, 11 January 2013

Here We Go Again!

Its 2013, and where am i now?

Still living in Hove, and very much enjoying it. The band just completed our first demo, so that should be appearing online imminently. My contract got renewed at work, so will be here till at least July.

However, work didn't need me till Feb - so i arranged to work a bit after new year, and booked a final, month long jaunt to Aus for Jan/Feb. This is it for my BIG travelling at the moment, as the fund is depleted. I was always intending to do another (slightly smaller) trip after my last one, i'm just shocked that 2012 ran away with me and its only happening now.

But as it happens, I do appear to be going to Australia at the best time - amazing weather and loads of bands playing. So far i'll be seeing Against Me, OFF, A Place To Bury Strangers, Iron Lung, Descendents, Bouncing Souls and Sleigh Bells while i'm out there. Phew.

I intend to get back into updating this blog with info, so keep your eyes open - links will appear on FB and Twitter (and prob instagram!).
Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, here I come!

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