Thursday, 26 April 2018


Well - that was a long break!
Lifes been a bit sporadic for the last 18 months - being unemployed for a year, lead to me taking a terrible job in Nov 2016 for terrible money. Which meant i had to leave my awesome flat of 5 years in Hove, and move into a flatshare (as a lodger) for the first time ever. I managed 6 months living with someone who I didn't gel with at all (and her not with me - why the hell would you buy a house in Hove if you hated the people and the place?), and had to eventually move back to the parents in June 2017 with no money in the slightest. And in the meantime, I got signed off with stress from the job!
I then got a decent new job in July (talk about timing - a month earlier and I wouldn't have had to move!) - which saved me from the horrible stressful phone job i had - but i wasn't permanent. So have spent since then driving a 4 hour round trip to work - not pleasant.
This week however, I passed my probation at work, AND have an awesome new flat to move into back in Hove - a road from where I used to live!
I feel a weight has been lifted, and finally I can get on with my life again. 

Onwards and upwards.

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