Sunday, 18 September 2011

Awesome Fest part 2 - day #14

Day #14 – final day in San Diego and final day of Awesome Fest

I dunno about the other guys (Tim and Tom) but I was out-banded. Most of the bands I wanted to see had played already and I really couldn’t be arsed today. So the three of us took it easy.
When we finally dragged Tim from bed, we headed back to Toronado for more pulled pork burgers and groovy beers – and stayed there until we could be arsed to go and check Iron Chic at The Office (a little gutted I missed Underground Railroad To Candyland at the same time instead, but whatever). Iron Chic were – ok. I guess if you knew the songs they probably are a lot better. But from what I could tell, they were a post Latterman copy band, where everyone that knows them ends up onstage with the singer. The songs are pretty anthemic, they have an amazing drummer, and the singer does his job, blaring out his vocals with total apathy to the chaos around him (which is kinda cool). I liked them, but couldn’t not think about a hundred Latterman copyists I’ve heard before. These guys kicked arse, but I wish they were the only band that sounded like them.

Then it was back to Toronado. Was funny to find out the cute tattooed barladies were all in a newpaper article about the pub. I must check out the SF branch to see if the staff is similar. Dead To Me sat behind us, which was kinda bizarre.

Eventually we dragged our sorry tired arses back to the final few bands. Big Kids sounded like a punk rock Sebadoah and stood out as being one of the more intresting bands of the weekend, Unfun barely managed to complete a full set (what i heard was ace, but it wasn't much!), and M.O.T.O blew everyone else away, and ended the Fest on a high. Playing a set of songs that any drunk person could sing, M.O.T.O proved once again that being punk rock and awesome didn’t mean you had to be clever and intellectual. Repeating the song “ I Hate My Job” proved that, and made me and Tom grin like utter tits. Add to the fact that Paul (main M.O.T.O) is the nicest guy on the planet, and you have a winner.

One final point – I loved San Diego, but didn’t really like the punk scene there. Everyone in our gang expected the Fest to be like a mini Gainsville Fest, with lots of cool people hi-fiving in the street. Instead it seemed to be a lot of HELL YEAH guys, except hidden behind beards and checked shirts. 90% of them were utter morons. Apart from the Awesome Fest organisers, who were brilliant throughout the entire weekend, Dave from Taaang Records, and Bonnie, the barmaid from U31, who hung out with us on Sunday night and proved not everyone in San Diego was a cliquey wanker. She ruled, big time.

Late night, early morning – and off to Vegas…

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