Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Las Vegas - days 19 - 20

Day #19
Mine and Lisas last full day together in Vegas, so we were determined to cover a lot of ground. Got up early and had another Hooters breakfast (“what can I get you gentlemen?”), then we had a quick gamble. I jumped on the cheap roulette – and lost all my money when I stopped playing my regular #19 (which came up!). Oops. Got a taxi down to the post office so I could send more stuff back home, then stood around in the blistering heat waiting for another taxi to take us back. Luckily we saw a taxi driver run into a Taco Bell for a leak. So we staked him out and nabbed him when he appeared again.

Back at Hooters and suddenly I found I couldn’t open the lock on my case. I had to get the security guys to open it using a bolt cutter. After that brief interlude, we headed over to the Monorail to go to the other end of the Strip to check out some of the other casinos. By this stage the heat had become unbearable, and was a real mission to get anywhere. Popped into CircusCircus because of the “Fear And Loathing” connection, however we were a bit disappointed when we discovered it had been turned into a child-friendly casino, with a theme park and sideshow games. I guess we needed to be on acid the get the desired effect we were after, as we thought it would be a bit weirder. However, one of the doormen thought me and Lisa were a gay couple who had got married, and commented “you wouldn’t do that in front of the Queen, would ya?”!

Decided we needed to get back to Hooters for our evening shenanigans. On arrival, I had a dip in the pool and another poolside beer (Jenny had been replaced by another miserable Hooters girl). Then me and Lisa had another Hooters meal before the “Raack’n’Roll” Strip show we had booked to see.

By the time we got into the tiny venue, me and Lisa were already a bit tipsy. The show consisted of 4 girls, dancing around to various classic rock tracks, flashing their boobs intermittently. Me and Lisa couldn’t contain ourselves. If they played AC/DC, we cheered. If they played Led Zepp, we cheered. Everytime someone flashed their boobs, we cheered. By the time we left, I was absolutely hammered. We got a photo taken with the girls, then we plopped ourselves down at the nearest slot machine and started gambling again. Oh, and I finally won on roulette!

Day #20
My final morning was a painful start. Had a bit of a hangover and was totally shattered. I feel Vegas had finally taken its toll on me. Said goodbye to Lisa and crashed out for another hour. Was gutted to see her go, as we’d had a blast. I’m so pleased she’d come over to Vegas, especially as we’d been talking about having a holiday together over the last few years. Eventually got up, got packed, had breakfast, and dragged my sorry arse over to the airport for my flight to San Francisco. I was looking forward to getting to my favourite city, after 4 years of being away...

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