Sunday, 15 May 2011

2 Days To Go

On Thursday, i sold my flat and moved from Sutton in Surrey to the south coast, to Chichester in West Sussex. Selling my flat has been part of a bigger plan to take some time off, do some travelling and try and get to do the things i want to do for a change (as selfish as that sounds). the only way i could do it was to sell the flat. And now i've finally moved out.

My last day was weird. After emptying the flat of the last pieces of stuff (tv gear mostly), i had to hang around and wait for the new owner to pass the keys to. Must admit i didn't really want to do this, as i didn't want to see them again, it just felt weird to me to pass the keys to the new owners. I hung around for an hour, but they never turned up. Eventually i made the decision to just hand the keys over to the Estate Agent, and get the hell out of Sutton. Sitting in my empty flat (that no longer belonged to me) felt decidedly bizarre. I couldn't help thinking whether i'd done the right thing, coupled with thinking about all the mad shit (and mad people) that had happened in the flat over the last 12 years.I had a big mad trainer-obssessed scotsman stay with me twice for a couple of months at a time, who would randomly jump on me when he got bored (Linz, you are a heavy fucker!). I had a housefull of lesbians stay with me on more than one occaision. Me and my best mate Lisa once annoyed the downstairs neighbour (a mad old lady) by playing Bruce Springsteen so loudly, she came upstairs and called me a "sly little cunt". Rollerskating lesbians. Drunken New Years Eve parties. Singstar. People wrestling in the front room. Touring punk bands staying over after a gig. Friends randomly decideding to come and stay for a week so they could get away from work. Cooking lessons from my mate Jackie. Days of watching non stop horror movies.

I know there are madder households - most of the time, the flat consisted of me and my Xbox. But i had fun there, and it served me well. I know i will miss the place a lot - but i won't miss Sutton, or my job.

I now live by the seaside. And on my drive down after handing the keys over, the further away from Sutton i got, the less weirder I felt. By the time i'd seen my bank balance, i'd forgotten all about leaving my flat behind. I have 2 more days of work left, and i'll be professional bum i wanna be for the next year.

Flat 9 The Mount - you were an ace place to live. I hope the new person has as much fun as I did.

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timmytrousers1 said...

You did the right thing Tony. Crazy as it seems! Heres to boozey fun times across the pond!