Friday, 20 May 2011


"I used to have a home with a roof and a bed...but i traded it in..." - Kate Is Great by The Bouncing Souls

So yeah this week has seen my transition completed to being a Professional Bum! Wednesday was my last day at L&G, and my leaving do...but unfortunately i can't remember much of it. Many drinks were drunk at lunchtime, then i went back to work for an hour, answered some final emails, said goodbye, then headed back down the pub.

i know we had a curry. Don't remember eating it really. next thing i can remember is waking up at my hotel. I think we had a good time! thanks to everyone that came along, i hope we can do it again soon.

yesterday i spent most of the day booking my round the world trip at STA travel in Kingston. So far i've booked the following - New York (need to book internal flights for San Diego, Vegas and SF), LA to Fiji, island hopping in Fiji, Brisbane, Fraser Island, greyhound bus to Melbourne via Byron Bay and Syndey, flight to Perth, then Singapore and Bangkok. I still need to book some extras for Sydney and Thailand.

the evening was spent playing my first gig as a homeless and jobless person at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston. was an excellent night, playing with three brilliant bands and getting to hang out with lots of mates. check out Slow Science and Porches for more info, both bands played blistering sets and made me grin like an idiot.

in two days time i go to Chicago...more to follow.

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Doug said...

Good for fuckin' you. You know it'll change you. It's like chucking the dice and embracing all those parallel universes you never knew were there. Blog bookmarked and look forward to updates. Have fun and don't get arrested...too many times.

Take care. Doug