Sunday, 15 May 2011

That Band Were Incredible! Really?

Last week, i finally managed to get to see THE COMPUTERS again. I haven't seen them for a while, so was itching to get to see the new stuff live and see what they'd be like again. I got to see them at The Boiler Room in Guildford, and some random little lunchtime gig in Brighton, and i have to say, they were incredible both times. While watching them in Guildford, i realised how much i need to see these guys do their hardcore-meets-rocket from the crypt racket, and how much they kick my arse when i do see them. and then i got to, i've been to some dull gigs this year.

it makes me laugh that on every forum about every band, someone (or most people) comment about how "such and such a band were incredible" - and its always the same people that say it. Now, EVERY band can't be incredible ALL THE TIME. thats just impossible. Over the years, i've lost count of how many gigs i've walked out of to sit at the bar cos i'm bored shitless, although i must admit, i haven't done this in a few years cos i don't do as many gigs as i did anymore. but i think its hilarious. some gigs i've seen this year, the bands have been "pretty good". some have been "alright". some have been pretty dull to be honest. but i can count on one hand the amount of INCREDIBLE gigs i've been to this year, and still have fingers left over. I'd be happy to see people saying such-and-such were "really good" or "pretty good", but i just can't agree that any amount of DIY bands playing up and down the country (and major bands for that matter) are always "incredible". everyone has off days. and this week, The Computers proved a point to me as to what incredible actually means.


The Dead Beat said...

I heard The Dead Beat were incredible the other night. Especially when we totally forgot 1/2 a song. In-cred-i-ble.

Tony said...

we were alright - in that positive way that alright is actually a good thing.