Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I Went To Chicago Pt 2

Saturday started with a morning and afternoon of darkness and horizontal rain. So me and Tim decided to stay in the apartment and watch the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America until it was time to go to the Subterranean for our next gig. The SubT is another ace little venue with a decent sized stage, great sound, and a side bar with free wi-fi. I think saturday meant we saw Kepi Ghoulie (with added balloons) and Chixdiggit!, who were both excellent. Chixdiggit really didn't surprise me how good they were, but Kepi was definately a highlight of the weekend. Once the show was over, we were off to another couple of bars with Tims Chicago mates - Estelles and Club Foot. Again, i was a fan of both bars - both did great beer, played good music and had a decent scummy vibe to them. Estelles was a bit like being in Jackie Brown; Club Foot was very Kitch, and a toy lovers paradise! Unfortunately, the mega late night left me with a massive hangover on Sunday.

Which meant again, we had another total write off of a day. However, because the weather was blacker and meaner than it was on Saturday, it was a good idea to stay in. In the afternoon, it was back to the SubT and Estelles, to see Be My Doppleganger and Dear Landlord, then it was off ot the Empty Bottle to see a rare Marked Men show. I was absolutely knackered and wasn't happy we had to wait till midnight for the band to come onstage, but they were worth the wait. Check em out, they are awesome.

Next day i left Tim asleep and went to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. The weather had changed from dark and stormy, to 92 degrees, sunny, hot and humid, and stayed that way for the rest of the holiday. Really enjoyed the baseball, even though the Cubs lost and i was sitting next to the most miserable old couple in America.

After that, i was treated to a BBQ at one of Tims Chicago friends houses, which made a nice change from being a tourist, and got to hang out with some very groovy people. Even if they did all drink my Anchor Steam!

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