Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I Went To Chicago - The Rest!

So whats Left? We did lots of tourist stuff the last few days and lots of shopping. We found an awesome Reckless Records shop and picked up a few CDs. I did an Architecture Boat Cruise, which was not only expensive, but bloody disappointing, as I not only couldn't get any decent photos, I had a group of French tourists sitting behind me providing their own commentary so I couldn't hear the tour guide. That was $40 down the drain!

The Buckingham Fountain had to be seen in Millenium Park, as its the fountain at the start of Married With Children. Was great to see it in real life, and even better in such great weather!

For those that don't know, theres a big piece of art in the park that everyone calls "The Bean", which is a big chrome structure or something. We visited it a couple of times, as taking funny pictures in the reflection amused my simple
brain a great deal. Weird moment of the week - we bumped into Brendan from Lawrence Arms here with his kids. He recognised Tim, and was a truly bizarre moment. I wish we'd got a photo!

We also checked out the Shedd Aquarium, which although it passed the time, we didn't think was as good as the Zoo, especially as we didn't manage to see any Beluga Whales. When we came out, we were so knackered cos we'd walked so much, that we decided to get a "river taxi" back to our hotel. For $7, it saved us from paying for the extortionate lake boat trip, and still got to see the city from the water. And the boat had a bar on it. Bonus!
The barman was a bit of a nutter, and sounded like he can be a bit of a handful if theres a lot of people on the boat!

Our final evening was spent with Tims mates, who took us out for pizza and beers, and was a great way to finish off the holiday. Jim and Mel were so awesome the entire time we were out there, and i'm pleased to say i've made a couple of new friends.

I think i shall be back someday...in the meantime i've got the mother of all trips coming up in August, including another 5 weeks in The States. I hope they let me in....

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