Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Tattoooo!

Been a busy week. Started with a quick but uneventful trip to Amsterdam for two nights to see Social Distortion, which was marred by the fact i was ill with some bug most of the time was there. The gig was great (far better than seeing them in London), and was cool to hang out with Shaun (who lives in Den Haag during the week), but sucked that i didn't really enjoy any of the cool pubs we tried out.

Saturday was a busy day spent recording our long overdue next demo with The Dead Beat.

Monday however, was new tattoo time. This idea has been around for a while and is something i've been looking to get for a couple of years now - although other tattoos got in the way first, mainly to fill up my left arm after me and my best bud Lisa got "bro-tattoos" back in July 2010 (after i was her best man the previous year). Anyway, it was back to tattoo ninja Aimee Lou @ Bespoke Tattoos in Guildford for this bad boy (or girl). Shes done my last three tattoos, and i was really happy she was into tattooing my zombie pin up girl for me. What she came up with design-wise was insane, and she totally nailed what i was looking for. Session was relatively copeable (some touchy and uncomfortable moments, but generally ok for the most part), and had a great afternoon. Was great getting tattooed by someone so into the idea, and i was excited seeing the tattoo forming on my arm.

Aimee totally nailed this - it couldn't be more perfect! It looks so stunning, and i can't stop looking at it. And I'm back to see her in a couple of weeks to complete the gap left behind on the inside of my wrist. Can't wait!

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Shaunyjb said...

Social Distotion were superb, as were the pubs I dragged you to despite you being ill. You won't stop me supping my La Chouffe!

At least you didn't bring the wonderful Kobe Wagu burger up ;-)